There are an increasing number of health care clinics specializing in medical care for athletes. Although athletes typically visit facilities that provide this type of medical care, people who are not athletes, but experience injuries and issues similar to those common in the sports world, can benefit from the types of therapies provided in this field. There are even treatment options for people that experience physical problems from periodic exercise.

One of the primary benefits of sports medicine Bend OR is preventative care. Instead of waiting until you start an exercise program and get injured, you can schedule an appointment with a sports medicine doctor in advance. They can provide an overall wellness check to ensure there are no issues that will prevent you from engaging in the types of exercises that are part of your workout program. This could be aerobic exercises, yoga, weight lifting, cycling or anything else related to physical fitness. Sometimes people don’t recognize the value of preventative care until after an injury has occurred. Another way in which preventative care can help you is with a nutrition program that meets your specific needs.

The most common reason for sports medicine is rehabilitation. This often includes professional athletes that have experienced an injury either while preparing for a game or participating in a game. Rehabilitation can be quite involved and include a variety of exercises and stretches that are often focused on the joints and muscles. Sometimes athletes receive full body massages as part of a rehabilitation program. Another reason for rehabilitation is to help non-athletes live a more productive life. This is a field known as occupational therapy and is often more comprehensive because it covers social, developmental and emotional challenges. Additionally, some of the same techniques used for athletes that have been injured can be used for employees that have experienced an injury at work.

Another area of sports medicine is personal training, which is something that is of value for just about everyone, regardless of how athletic you are. The work of a personal trainer isn’t just what you probably imagine, which is someone that keeps you motivated to exercise and teaches you different techniques. While that is partially what’s involved in personal training, there’s more to it. A personal trainer can serve as a coach to help you reach your goals, which can include a psychological component. They can provide you with the strategies that are often beneficial when helping people gain more discipline.

There are personal trainers within the sports medicine discipline that are able to assess your goals and challenges to determine what type of program will work best for you. This can include designing a meal plan and a workout schedule that fits your lifestyle. The best part about personal trainers with a sports medicine background is that they are accustomed to providing personalized guidance that can help you achieve your goals even if it has been hard for you to do so in the past.