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Organic Goodness For Your Baby!

We take every possible care to ensure that our babies get the best, especially in their growing years. From ensuring that the nursery is coated with lead-free paint to selecting the right interactive toys for proper mental growth, parents take no chances when it comes to their babies. However, what about keeping the babies away from harm caused by chemicals?

To safeguard your child from chemical exposure, it is essential to distance yourself from any product that has chemical traces, even while the mother is carrying the child. Products like hair dyes, nail polishes and certain make up products have chemicals that can harm the unborn fetus.

Babies and young kids are more susceptible to falling sick or developing allergies and infections due to the toxins they consume. Toxins enter our body in many ways, through pollutions, passive smoking, and by consuming food, laden with chemicals and pesticides. While the former two can be controlled to quiet an extent, how do you ensure that the food you are feeding your child is free from any synthetic pesticides and chemicals? Organic living and eating is the answer.

Many parents worry about the difficulty in buying organic products, as they are not easily available. However, with growing awareness about organic food products, it has become very easy to buy it from online organic food stores. It is a fact that organic food is more expensive than non-organic food products, but when you compare this with the long-term benefits of organic living, the difference in cost is almost negligible.

Fresh produce is more likely to carry traces of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Fruits and vegetables with inedible skin like banana, pomegranate, potato, peaches, etc. are injected with chemicals to increase their shelf life while transporting over long distances. When buying such products, make sure you buy it from local farmers that do not use chemicals and pesticides for farming.

Milk and dairy products are an important component of a child’s diet. Commercial milk is procured from cows, fed with growth hormones to make them produce more milk. Needless to say, these hormones travel in milk as well, and when you feed the same milk to your child, you are feeding him the hormones as well. Try to get milk for your baby from a trusted source to get pure and ‘unadulterated’ milk.

During the growing period of a child – birth to five years, it is most important to take care of the child’s nutrition, as this is when the child’s brain, body, and immunity develop. Feeding milk for calcium, grains for proteins and fruits for iron and vitamins is not enough for the overall nutrition of kids. Make sure that the food has been grown and procured organically, so that you know you are feeding your child the goodness of nature, and not man-made poison. Switch to Organic Today!