Millions of people across the world are diagnosed with a type of cancer.  Hearing this diagnosis can be devastating, disbelievable, and numbing.  You are not sure if you should cry, scream, or just sit in silence.  Having cancer does not always mean an end to life.  It may, in some cases, just be an adjustment to the way you are living now.  This will definitely make a sudden and profound change in your life, so you must take control.  The Cancer Care Center Orange County, offers cancer assistance for anyone who has cancer.  It will help you prepare for a new beginning beyond cancer.

Managing your cancer diagnosis

During the process from diagnosis to treatment, a lot of support will be needed to help get you through the ordeal.  This will come with having a strong family and friend support system. Your medical team, which will also consist of a social worker who can guide you through the available networks that offer help, will be vital to your cancer care.  After your diagnosis, you will be scheduled for many tests, labs, and imaging.  You will be faced with physical and emotional challenges as well as spiritual questioning.

Surgery or treatment options for your cancer.

Early-stage cancer can often be treated with chemotherapy or radiation.  These can also be treated after cancer surgery.  There are other cancers that will require surgery first.  If there will be no chemo or radiation, a cancer pill may be prescribed to help ensure that cancer does not return.  There are so many modern up-to-date treatments for cancer, and your oncologist will inform you of the best option for you.  Cancer does change your life, but it does not mean that you should give up.

Living After a Cancer Diagnosis