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Lahey Hospital & Medical Center Wants to Help Their Patients Improve Their Hearing

Hearing loss can occur at any age but is most common in the elderly. Knowing the warning signs to look for is crucial for a person to be able to understand when they need treatment. Lahey Hospital’s Hearing Aid Center provides testing and treatment for a wide array of hearing problems.

What Are the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss?

Around 20% of all Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Those over the age of 65 have a one in three chance of experiencing hearing loss. If a person is experiencing any of the following signs, it behooves them to seek hearing testing so their degree of hearing loss can be diagnosed.

  • The speech of others seems muffled and difficult to understand.
  • Individuals find it difficult to understand words in conversations when background noise is present.
  • Those with hearing loss will often find it difficult to hear consonant sounds.
  • A person may find themselves frequently asking others to repeat what they just said.
  • Individuals may find they need to turn up the volume on their television.
  • When a person is losing their hearing, they may withdraw from conversations or avoid social situations.

Testing Can Reveal the Degree of Hearing Loss

During hearing testing, the patient’s ears will first be examined. There are several hearing tests that can be carried out at the Lahey Hospital’s Hearing Aid Center. It is important patients understand these tests so they will know what to expect.

  • Pure Tone Audiometry – During this test that tests the hearing level of both ears, sounds are made by a machine to see if a person can hear them at different volumes and frequencies.
  • Speech Perception – This testing involves words being spoken by a machine or a tester to determine a person’s ability to hear them.
  • Tympanometry – This test checks to see if any fluid is behind the eardrum and measures how the eardrum responds to pressure changes.
  • Bone Conduction – This test involves a vibrating probe to measure how sounds transmitted through the bone are able to be heard.

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