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How To Get Your Sterile Processing Technician Certification

Choosing the right program is the first step to receiving a Sterile Processing Technician Certification. Although the end result is the certification, each program has minor and major differences. Research is important to ensure that every detail is proper and benefits the student. It is important not to rush the process in order to find the perfect fit.

The next step to be taken is to actually start furthering research. The perfect place to start is by making appointments at the 3 top choices. After completing all research online, calling the institutions may be helpful as well. Sometimes details are vague online and further contact is expected to learn the true interest and persistence of the student. It is very important to pay attention to details, flexibility, finances, time frames, and policies.

The individual should then narrow down their options to the top few schools before making appointments to save time and money. Before arriving at each appointment, it is important to want to have your questions and concerns in order. It is nice to have them written down so that you are able to jot down notes as you receive the answers. Find out all information about course dates as well as prices and payment plans. Preparing questions ahead of time allows more flexibility through each school visit or tour. This also makes it helps ensure that you have received all of the answers that are necessary to help with your decision making.

Once the search has been narrowed down and the proper school has been decided upon, finances should be the next concern. FAFSA is available to many, with information from the school and a personal FAFSA account it should be easy to determine if there are federal grants available or not. If not, there is no need to worry. There are many scholarships, online grants, student loans, and personal loans as well.

Another appointment may be necessary to receive assistance with the funding process. This appointment can be included in the next visit to the school. After applying and acceptance there is usually an entrance exam and a meeting with school officials. Meeting with the program director is usually in the form of an interview. The interview is focused on personal and academic morals. The director wants to hear personally what each student’s mission is, starting with the reason for wanting to receive the certificate. Hearing the student’s reasons and inspiration behind becoming a Sterile Processing Technician is like a breath of fresh air. The purpose of interviews is to make sure that the student is a fit and vice versa.

The entrance exams are in the form of Wonderlic and Accuplacer. These are very common exams in allied health care. The main skills that are tested are, the ability to complete course work and basic problem-solving. There are many websites online with similar practice tests that test the same skill sets. It is wise to brush up on testing practice as well.

Upon passing the placement test or entrance exam there will be an orientation held for new students. After the course is completed there will be an exit exam. With satisfactory course work and completed intern hours, students are then eligible to test. The clinical hours allow students to step into the real world. This allows students to utilize the skills they have learned, in the workplace. The CRCST exam must be passed in order to finally complete the course and receive the Sterile Processing Technician Certification.

The career path is very rewarding. Working hard at all levels shows the students’ willingness and determination to succeed. Which, opens more doors in the future.