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How Health Centers Serve Diverse US Populations

Residing in a rural area can sometimes seem to put good quality health care out of your reach, but each area typically includes at least one health clinic that offers a variety of treatment programs and specialties.

In far eastern Oklahoma, past Muskogee, Tahlequah doctors treat the majority of the population that includes the surrounding areas of Stilwell, Wagoner, Vian, Sallisaw, Baron, Christe, Westville, Piney, and even some locations across the state line, such as Dutch Mills and Evansville, Arkansas.

regional health center offers primary health care to vulnerable populations. These health facilities often include allergy clinics, sleep centers, dental services, mental health, and substance abuse disorder services, among others. Typically, the health center also includes a pharmacy.

You’ll find such health centers located in urban areas, such as Oklahoma City, too. The government designed these centers to provide all types of vulnerable populations with necessary high-quality health care. Some centers specialize in serving the needs of the homeless, public housing residents, veterans, or agricultural workers.

Sometimes referred to as a community health center, the first of these health centers in the US opened in 1965. Today, more than 1,400 centers exist, serving more than 29 million individuals. Look for a health center near you to find a specialized treatment or a primary care physician, no matter where in the US you reside.