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Five Bad Habits That Accelerate the Aging Process (1)

Five Bad Habits That Accelerate the Aging Process (1)

Many people are making great efforts to slow down the aging process. This is really a matter that deserves special attention. But have you ever realized that some of you habits may help to accelerate the aging process?

As time goes by, you may notice that there are wrinkles appearing on your face. This is so annoying! Then you should think about whether there are some of your habits that contribute to this. The best way to fight against aging is to form good habits and stay away from the bad habits listed below.

1. Pull long faces all day long

Pull long faces all day long can make skin cells lack of nourishment and result in dry skin and wrinkles on face. Happiness is the best cosmetics. Emotional stability plays an important role in keeping balanced internal secretion. A woman who owns a peaceful and tolerant heart is beautiful. Actually, this is not only a mental impression.

2. Keep away from exercise

This is really a bad habit. An appropriate amount of exercise can promote the blood circulation and make your body process moderately so as to strengthen the softness of skin and make skin sweat. In this case, your skin can strike a healthy balance and thus slow down the aging process. Therefore, you are suggested to do exercise often for the sake of your own health.

3. Stay up late in the night

To stay up late is the worst enemy of skin care. Inadequate sleep is likely to make regulating activities of skin cells suffer from disorder and influence the vitality of epidermal cells. Therefore, 8 hours of sleep is necessary everyday. If you can not do this, then you should reassess your healthy index. Whether your sleep is adequate can be seen through your face, especially the tender eye skin. On the contrary, good sleep can remove the tiredness of your skin and delay the aging of skin.

4. Too many exaggerated facial expressions

Too many expressions like blinking eyes, frowning, laughing, curling lips can result in much more wrinkles on face. Therefore, you had better avoid too many exaggerated facial expressions.

5. Stay away from water

Water is the origin of life. To moisturize your skin is the key in skin-care process. Inadequate water intake can cause insufficient production of grease and make skin suffer from dehydration. So you should take in at least 6 to 8 cups of water. But drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided.