Common Vision Issues

Many of the activities you do during the day require your eyesight to complete. Being aware of diseases that can affect your sight helps you get them treated before they become a problem.  Here are a few eye disorders you should know and the ways to take care of them.


Having a hazy, less than clear view, double vision, as well as problems with night vision and bright light is an indicator of a cataract arlington wa. This condition, which happens primarily to older adults, can get worse over the years, especially if others in the family have it, you have diabetes, or you have been exposed to a large amount of UV light. It can be treated with medicine. Eventually, you will need surgery to correct this issue and typically happens to one eye at a time.


The symptoms of glaucoma are a lack of peripheral vision, a halo around the items in front of you, an upset stomach, and strong headaches. This disease destroys the optic nerve until the patient loses their sight. The fluid pressure builds in the nerve until it causes blindness. If you are diagnosed with this, you might be given eye drops or medication to take care of it. If the situation is severe, laser surgery can help your sight as well.

Macular Degeneration

If you have trouble reading because the words are wavy or there is a large, dark spot in the vision, you might suffer from macular degeneration. This typically happens to older patients and occurs over a long period of time. It can be slowed down by taking a variety of vitamins and minerals, specifically Vitamin C and E as well as copper, zinc, and beta carotene. If you are diagnosed, it can be treated with laser therapy, surgery, and a drug regime injected into the affected area.