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Beauty Tips for The Mature Traveler

Beauty Tips for The Mature Traveler

Why do you always look like you haven’t slept for days and your skin is a mess and your hair is greasy. With a little planning this doesn’t have to happen. You’ve passed the age where you can jump out of bed ready to go. I think that’s anyone over 12.

First, think about how you’re going to be spending your vacation. Will it be in a dry, desert type climate such as Palm Springs? Will be in the mountains, or on a sunny beach. Or will you be traveling across time zones rather than staying in one spot. By this point in your life, you know how your skin is going to react and what products you need to pack for your trip specifically for your type of skin.

Most importantly while traveling, stay hydrated. Drink your full quote of water. Not only will your skin look picture perfect but it will provide oxygen to your brain so you stay alert and enjoy yourself. The day before you leave, drink 8 glasses of water and avoid dehydrating substances such as caffeine and alcohol Don’t forget your face, a very important step to keeping your skin hydrated is using a moisturizer.

You also have to consider how much space you will have in your suitcase for your toiletries so it really works well if you bring products with multiple uses. A blush that you can use as a lip tint or eye shadow or a facial cleanser that can also be used as a toner and moisturizer.

You leave the house looking fantastic but after a long, dry plane ride your make up really doesn’t look that great. For plane trips longer than 2 hours, it is best to wait and apply your make up at your destination. That is especially true if you’re e taking a long car trip. If you just can’t go without make up, try using powder products rather than liquid because powder not only gives you coverage it also has SPF protection and can absorb excess oil. But have a light hand, you don’t want the powder to settle into wrinkles, exaggerating them. Just a little touch-up upon landing or arrival at your location and you’re ready to go.

Jetlag is a problem when crossing time zones and having your sleep schedule interrupted does a number on your face. You know, of course, you look better when you’re well rested. If you’re traveling to a different time zone, eschew caffeine after 2 p.m., local time and stay hydrated and you can reduce jetlag.

Check with TSA for their guidelines as to what you can bring on the plane. You don’t want them to confiscate all your toiletries and have to replace them in a strange area. A little forethought will save you hours of aggravation.

Pack a hand sanitizer for times when you don’t have access to clean sinks and soap. And always, ALWAYS thoroughly wash your hands before applying makeup or even touching your face. It will keep your skin clear and you healthy on your vacation. Having a breakout on your vacation is a real fun killer and breakouts happen at any age.

Wear sunscreen even on the plane especially if you have a window seat. The higher you go the more intense the UV rays are. Use products with SPF included for convenience.

Lastly, pack your make-up bag on top of your carry-on so you can get to it easily when you have arrived at your destination. You should include blotting papers to rid your face of the shiny T-spot, a little tinted powder to brighten your complexion and baby powder to absorb the oil in your hair. Just sprinkle a little through your hair and then brush out.

Now that you’re prepared, have a great time looking your best.