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Arthritis Controlled My Life Till Pycnogenol Took Over – A Review of Pycnogenol

When I was 23 years old, I caught a baseball on the tip of my right index finger. The first knuckle was split. The doctor wanted to take the finger off because he said it would develop arthritis and cause it to spread all over my body. I refused because I use the finger in typing. My right index finger had given me problems from the day it was broken, but when I turned 58, all hell broke loose in my body. My lower back became extremely painful, the finger was greatly swollen and very painful and my right shoulder was almost frozen in pain.
To add fuel to the fire, I developed infections in various parts of my body. Medications would get an infection under control for a week or two and the infection would return. My health was rapidly deteriorating even though I had been on an excellent nutrition supplementation program for years. I was sure it wouldn’t be long before I was either paralyzed with pain and immobile joints or between the arthritis and infections, I would die.
A friend came to my rescue when she urged me to use a particular formulation of pycnogenol. I didn’t believe anything she had could help since the doctors were not able to get rid of my problems, but I didn’t want to disappoint her and gave the product a try. It took about a month for me so see real improvement, but my lower back pain was gone, the infections were gone and my finger only had a small amount of swelling which had been there since the accident. It took two more months before the shoulder was not painful enough to complain. But, it too eventually became completely pain-free.
I have shared my story with a number of people and all that began using the special blend of pycnogenol I use and stuck with it for a minimum of three months were all helped. Some people expected overnight miracles, and they happen on occasion, but not often. Many of those people stopped using pycnogenol. It took them years to get into their bad health condition but expected the problems to go away overnight. Drugs cover symptoms and can do it overnight. Nutrition works on the cause and has to do repair over time.
A man who eats at the Senior Citizen’s Center and sits at the same table as I use somehow found out I was using pycnogenol and asked about it. I gave him the information and he began using it cautiously, not immediately going to the recommended usage. To my surprise his blood pressure (which is why he wanted to try it) immediately reacted positively and he is a very happy man. He still has a lot of problems to overcome, but is on this way.
The suggested daily usage of pycnogenol is one milligram per one pound of body weight. You should start with a small amount and work your way up because it cleanses your body of accumulated toxins and the process can be painful. You might even think it is hurting you. Stick it out for a week or two and the problems will disappear. But instead of going through the cleansing trauma, it is better to just start slow and build up to full usage. And expect to use it for your lifetime as I do.