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Anti-Aging Skin Care – Why is it Becoming So Popular?

Anti-Aging Skin Care – Why is it Becoming So Popular?

Baby Boomers are aging. The largest generation of the last century is now starting to reach the age where they are taking a greater interest in retirement communities. They wear bifocals and hearing aids. Face it – boomers are getting old!

But, this generation is not going to age gracefully. That is, not when it comes to their appearance. Many still feel and act young, and they are not about to let their body tell the world differently! As a result, products that promote youthfulness in middle age are gaining in popularity with people of this generation.

For years women have dyed their hair to cover the gray, but eventually they would let it turn gray naturally and show their true age. Not so anymore. It is not unusual to see a 70 year old woman with beautiful, raven hair without a gray in sight! But hair coloring isn’t just limited to women. Men are dying not only the hair on their head, but mustaches and beards as well. In fact, many hair coloring products are made specifically for men these days.

But probably the biggest market for anti aging products is skin care. No matter how fashionable your clothes are or how sleek your hair looks, if you have wrinkles and dark spots on your face you will look your age. The beauty market is full of skin care products that are specifically made to combat the signs of aging. Some even claim to reverse the signs of aging.

When you think about it, this is an interesting turn of events. Baby boomers grew up in the 60’s and 70’s when sunscreen was unheard of and a sun baked, bronze body was what everyone desired. As a result, many people of that generation are now dealing with the skin damage that occurred from all that sun exposure. So anti aging skin creams need to be able to deal with wrinkles due to the natural process of aging as well as the sun damage from years gone by.

Many chemists and product developers have spent innumerable amounts of time creating products that will live up to the claims their marketing teams make. As a result you have expensive creams and serums that will reduce the appearance of lines and dark spots. There are lotions and make-ups that will help to hide the signs of aging as well.

Most of these products do work to some extent. You cannot expect deep wrinkles to completely disappear overnight. But regular use as directed can help reduce the appearance of aging. If you have deep wrinkles you may want to consider consulting a plastic surgeon for surgical options.

In addition to using anti aging skin cream to improve your skin, make sure you take good care of your body as well. Things such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, and a poor diet can show on your skin. Eat nutritiously, always wear sun screen and avoid smoking for healthier skin. In addition, drink at least eight large glasses of water a day. The water you drink will help to hydrate your skin and create a healthier, smoother complexion.

You don’t have to show your age, there are plenty of products to help you hide it. Only you need to know your true age!