Aging Like a Fine ‘Whine’

Aging Like a Fine ‘Whine’

Aging? Well, don’t get old without at least complaining about it!

Aging means our bodies are slowing down, and we’re more likely to get sick. Aging means we’re getting to the point where some part of the body will break down. If it’s an important body part, like our heart, aging ends right there – in death.

Seems horribly unfair, doesn’t it?

OK, that’s enough whining. It’s time to dry your tears and fight against aging.

Let’s take a look at what aging is doing to your body if you’re past 40:

Your mouth’s writing checks your stomach can’t cash. You can’t enjoy a chili dog anymore because you know it’s going to come back to haunt you. That sucks! An aging digestive system produces less digestive enzymes, which can lead to indigestion.

Tip: Digestive enzymes supplements after meals, especially meals high in fat or protein, may relieve this symptom of aging.

Say what? You have trouble understanding your landlady on the phone. On man! We lose our sensitivity to high-pitched tones during aging. (And it’s even harder to hear people who aren’t interesting–go figure!)

Tip: Protect your ears from noisy environments during middle age-even if you’re a rock star-so you’ll retain your ability to hear after aging.

Grandma’s hands. Your fingertips aren’t as plump as they once were–and oh no! That’s Grandma’s hand coming out of your sleeve! We start to lose some of our fat padding during aging–in all the wrong places–and the sun takes its toll on skin.

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Tip: Use sunscreen on the backs of your hands, as well as on your face, if you want to keep your hands from “aging” you.

Grandma’s cellulite. Your cholesterol’s high, but your derriere is sagging. Where’s the justice? Aging affects our ability to excrete fat, so it sticks around (in the form of cholesterol and yes, that extra back seat padding). At the same time, aging makes us lose muscle. Now you know why Grandma always wore the swimsuit with the little skirt on it.

Tip: Eat a diet lower in saturated fat, and you’ll reverse the aging trend of added fat. Get into a weight training program (simple lifting or walking with hand-held weights) to reverse the muscle loss that comes with aging.

How dry we are. Your eyelids feel all sandpaper-y and you can’t swallow your vitamins without applesauce. That’s depressing! Aging makes it harder for our bodies to store water, which also makes it harder for us to get nutrients from our food.

Tip: Increase your intake of water by sipping ice water during the day and eating soups with meals to stay hydrated while you’re aging.

There goes my liver. Caffeine from your morning cup of coffee keeps you awake all night. Life is rough! Our aging livers can’t process out toxins like they used to.

Tip: Clean up your life. Eat pure food, drink pure water, and for heaven’s sake, stop drinking so much alcohol. Be kind to your liver and it will age gracefully along with you.

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Aging also affects your nervous system, sexuality, coordination, and a bunch of other things. It’s awful!

But there are natural ways to fight them all. It just takes a little research and a bit of determination.

So go ahead and whine. Get it over with — and then get moving!