A Straight-Line Approach to Running Your First Drag Race

Drag racing as a sport was spawned as a consequence of post-WW II boredom, when teens and veterans decided to test their mettle against each other and the clock. As succeeding generations have each placed their marks on the pastime, it has grown into a serious business for amateurs and semiprofessional racers alike. While anyone can race, those interested in participating should follow some guidelines before participating.

Prep Your Hot Rod

No matter how skilled you may be, you will not be able to compete if your car does not meet the required standards. At the track you must pass a technical inspection to determine that your car’s battery is secure, its tires have the proper grip, its exterior sports no loose items and its fluids do not leak; any violations could create hazardous conditions for you and other drivers.

Gas Up and Tune-Up

When was the last time you had your car serviced? If you are racing a stock car, neglecting this task would be a mistake; you do not want to suffer the humiliation of a preventable breakdown. If you have prepared by equipping your car with even a few drag racing auto parts, then you know you have spent enough time under the hood. Also, fill up the gas tank so you are prepared to race hard and get home on time.

Take It All In

Before your first race, visit the track and pay attention to what you see. Ask questions of both track officials and other drivers. You will be surprised at how open everyone will be to giving advice and welcoming a new driver into the fold. Make certain to collect information about the appropriate tools to bring to the race.

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These tasks are baby-steps, appropriate for the first-time racer. As you advance in skill and experience, you will discover a host of preparation details to get move your forward in this exciting sport.