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A Complete Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal

When a dentist informs a patient their wisdom teeth need to be removed they generally refer the person to an oral surgeon. This procedure is performed in an office and the healing process usually requires just a few days. The third set of molars are called wisdom teeth. These are located at the back of the mouth. Most people get their wisdom teeth between the age of 17 and 25. The dentist can see these teeth by taking X-rays. In most cases wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

Wisdom teeth often become impacted. The reason they are unable to grow in normally is because they grow in at the far back of the mouth. They can become trapped by the gums or jawbone and cause a great deal of pain. Wisdom teeth can press against the adjacent teeth or grow in at the wrong angle. In many cases the mouth is not large enough because there is no extra room on the jaw for an additional set of molars. There can be gum disease or cavities because it may not be possible to reach the wisdom teeth using dental floss or a toothbrush. For more details please visit here.

Wisdom teeth extractions Anchorage AK begins by consulting with the oral surgeon regarding the situation and the necessary process. It is important to explain any medical issues, or any drugs taken regularly. The most commonly removed teeth in adults are wisdom teeth. If they are causing any pain or any issues chances are good they will have to be removed. The patient will either be put to sleep or numbed while the wisdom teeth are being extracted. The doctor may choose to numb the mouth with Novocain. This will completely numb the area. Another option is laughing gas or nitrous oxide. This will enable the patient to relax and many will fall asleep during the procedure from the effects of the gas. For more details about wisdom teeth please visit this site.

In some cases, the surgeon will feel IV sedation is necessary in addition to numbing the mouth. This is usually administered through a vein in the arm. The patient will become very drowsy and will most likely sleep through the entire procedure. A general anesthesia can also be given through a mask. The patient breathes in the gas and will be put to sleep for the procedure. In many cases the patient does not wake up until the surgery has been over for about an hour.

The individual will need to take a few days off work. This ensures they have the time to rest and recover from the procedure. The actual procedure is generally completed in less than an hour. It is possible the gums may have to be cut during the procedure for the doctor to be able to remove the teeth. If this happens the wounds are stitched and should heal quickly. Once it has been determined wisdom teeth need to be removed, it is best to see a specialist as soon as possible.