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Treatment Options for Women Suffering from Low Libido Level.

Women are naturally prone to loss of libido in their lifetime. Marital problems are among the problems encountered when a women has low libido levels but if help is sought, the issue can be reversed. The reasons why women will experience low libido is because of several factors like loss of blood during their menstruation, childbirth, and pregnancy. Blood in the body is the reason why someone should be stimulated and have sexual desires, but the loss of blood due to the things we have seen could be the reason why the woman is no longer interested in sex.
Stress is another factor that could make a woman have low libido issues as everything starts in mind and especially after childbirth, most women have low libido due to the trauma of childbirth. Reduction in estrogen level which usually happens to older women results to decreased libido.

Reduced libido condition can be corrected no matter the causative agent. As you seek help, you will be told that you can choose from two significant options of cure ranging from natural to synthetic ways of medication. It is advisable for both partners to participate in helping the woman to regain her libido level and so you can consider seeking medical attention together. When your partner is involved, the pressure reduces because they will start by understanding that the woman has an issue that could be rectified.

Knowing the cause of the condition will aid in rectifying the issue by getting a direct solution. For instance, if your cause is alcohol and drug abuse, then you will be advised to avoid such and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

It is advisable for women to start taking charge of what they are eating as it could have an effect on their libido levels and so healthy and natural foods must be consumed and reduce the levels of processed foods. Women should be involved in manageable exercise because it is a way of relaxing and increasing the body energy and some option will help like yoga, swimming, walks and going to the gym if you can.

You can consider using Dong Quai which is a herbal supplement that increases blood supply. Proper intake of the supplement will reduce your risk of getting anemia, diabetes and blood pressure.
You can also consider doing hormone therapy which boosts the level of estrogen in the woman’s body responsible for several functions in the body that will boost the level of libido experienced. Hormones should not be bought over the counter but by a doctor’s prescription. The hormones can be taken in the form of gels, pills or injection and you can get induced with either natural or synthetic hormones like estrogen, progesterone and sometimes low levels of testosterone.

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