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4 Types of Home Workers to Consider

Many aging homeowners find it more difficult to t keep up with their houses or their personal needs on their own. However, they may be reluctant to move out and into a senior living community. They may not have to. Consider four types of home care services Massachusetts that make it possible for elderly ones to stay in their own homes and get the care that they need.

1. Personal Care Assistant

It may be that a senior resident just needs a little help with tasks that aren’t as easy as they once were such as housecleaning and meal preparations. A personal care assistant can provide assistance in these areas, as well as with things like help using the bathroom, grooming, dressing and bathing. Some states may require some training for personal care aides.

2. Companion

This type of home aide provides services such as shopping, running errands and escorting residents to the doctor and other appointments. They also make meals and clean. Companions do not need any kind of license or certification. The expenses are reasonable.

3. Home Health Aide

A home health aide is a good option to consider when an older person needs some assistance with basic health services. This type of care worker will provide many of the same services as a personal care assistant. Responsibilities also include monitoring the patient’s eating, drinking and bathroom habits, in addition to checking vitals and reacting to emergency health situations.

4. CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

While CNAs provide the same services as personal care aides and companions do, they also provide basic medical services such as working with catheters and caring for lesions, sores and other injuries. Extended training is required for CNAs. Their services may be covered at least in part by medicare.

For older ones who need some basic help to stay in their homes, one of these types of care workers is a reasonable option.