4 Back Pain Treatment Options

Back pain is a common complaint in the United States, responsible for a large percentage of all visits to a doctor. The condition has many potential causes, and failed back syndrome treatment Fort Wayne IN may not be the same as for a different complaint, such as a slipped disk or spinal stenosis.

The good news about back pain is that it usually does not require surgery to resolve. There are a number of more conservative treatment options available that are often more effective.

1. Injections

There are several types of injections used to treat back pain. Epidural steroid injections are used to control inflammation while nerve blocks prevent you from feeling the pain in your back. While an injection is a procedure, it is less invasive than surgery.

2. Physical Therapy

When most people think of physical therapy, they often think of guided exercises. Indeed, this is often one of the first treatments recommended for back pain. Your therapist can teach you exercises that improve your strength and flexibility and help you achieve better posture, all of which may help improve pain. Physical therapy may also involve pain relief modalities, such as electrical nerve stimulation with a TENS unit.

3. Alternative Treatments

Some people find relief from back pain with alternative or complementary treatments. Examples include biofeedback, chiropractic manipulation, and therapeutic massage. Your doctor has an obligation to talk to you about alternative treatments such as these if he or she believes they may be of benefit to you.

4. Medications

Most doctors do not prescribe medications as the first line of treatment for back pain. While they can be effective, they can also cause unwanted side effects, some of which can be at least as debilitating as the pain itself. If your doctor does prescribe medications for your back pain, it will only be on a temporary basis, and he or she will probably combine the therapy with other treatments.

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Treatment options for back pain depend on what is causing it. If other treatments are not effective, surgery may be the only option.