What Are Concealed Carry Belly Bands?

Belly bands are elastic pieces of clothing that are placed around your hips. They don’t have pockets, and they’re useless after you draw your gun. The only way to re-holster your gun is with two hands. Additionally, most belly bands don’t wick away sweat, so you’ll need to wipe your gun off to avoid rust. However, this doesn’t mean belly bands are completely useless.

Modular belly band holsters

For those who want a comfortable and concealed carry option, belly band holsters are the perfect solution. While belly band holsters are great for concealment and are comfortable, they can also cause problems while training. Modular concealed carry belly bands are made of molded Kydex and have an elastic band for retention. Modular belly band holsters also feature a covered trigger guard for safe reholstering and quick drawing.


The drawability of concealed carry belly bands depends largely on how well they conceal your weapon. A good belly band will allow you to fire your firearm with your full firing grip, which means that your trigger finger should be straight on the frame. It will also meet all trigger guard protection protocols. If you’re not sure about whether a belly band is right for you, here are some things to consider:

A good belly band should be snug enough to provide the best concealment, but the drawability of concealed carry belly bands is a personal decision and depends on your physical activity level. Some are so tight that you won’t be able to reach your gun. However, there are many belly bands that offer pockets for magazines, non-lethal self-defense methods, and handguns. If you’re not comfortable with the tightness, you can always adjust the tightness as needed.

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While most people carry their handguns using traditional hip holsters, belly bands are an option for some people. These bands, which are made of elastic and secured with velcro, are used in certain situations. Listed below are some of the other benefits of belly bands.

A bell band can be worn anywhere. It is not bound by belt loops or waistlines, and it is comfortable for everyone, regardless of size. Because it is comfortable to wear, belly bands are an ideal choice for concealed carry. Unlike traditional belts, belly bands can be worn without the concern of being caught or stolen. And, unlike traditional holsters, belly bands are completely invisible! If you choose to conceal your gun, you won’t have to worry about getting caught!

The belly band is comfortable for different-sized guns. It provides retention to your handgun, and its velcro backing keeps it secure. It doesn’t slide around and doesn’t interfere with your daily activities. It also provides a convenient way to conceal your handgun. It’s the original, classic design of concealed carry. This is why it’s so popular with gun owners. You can carry your handgun without worrying about being caught by the police.

Drawability of neoprene holsters

Neoprene holsters for concealment are not always the most comfortable to draw from. However, they offer a quick and comfortable way to draw a firearm without having to remove your clothing. These holsters can be used while out in public, and they are ideal for women who are worried about the ability to draw their concealed carry firearm while wearing a dress or skirt.

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OneTigris neoprene IWB Concealed Holster, for example, is a right-handed holster made of premium center-cut steerhide with a thick, padded neoprene band. It’s made of soft neoprene and features a calf tensioner and a zipper closure. Its neoprene fabric and steel clip are both comfortable, and it comes in several sizes.