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The role of the internet within a dental marketing plan

Love it or hate it, it is everywhere! What is it? The internet of course.

If you are a modern dentist not utilising your marketing strategy to include all the opportunities to promote yourself that the internet has to offer, then you could be missing out. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others are all tools available to businesses that can be used to promote and enhance your brand. Potentially bringing in extra clients, along with extra revenue.

Dental Focus is a company leading the way when it comes to modern thinking about dental marketing, by examining some of their thoughts and ideas it is clear to see why this boutique marketing company has generated their success.

Harnessing the power

Facebook can boast thirty-eight million users in the UK, meaning sixty per cent of the nation’s adults have an account and seventy-six per cent of them log in and browse the platform daily. Facebook also had one of the most downloaded apps in the UK in 2020, making it vital to marketing any business.

Facebook is now one of the most powerful tools that can be used when marketing for dentists, as it gives the potential to get your practice’s message directly to the potential client via their smartphone.

Anyone looking to trade with any products or services in the UK needs to take advantage of all social media platforms, including Facebook. Still, it would seem that there are several types of businesses who are not engaging with social media, this includes dentists.

The main reasons for this are:

  1. It is difficult to set time aside to post to social media regularly.
  2. Not knowing what to post or how often to post.
  3. Not wanting to draw criticism, especially from competitors.

This is where bringing a specialist marketing company on board can be the key to gaining solid success from your online marketing, translating into more clients and greater revenues. These companies are particularly good at conducting market research and spotting the trends that identify the opportunities available in any given marketplace, by understanding potential clients’ browsing and search habits.

Text, images, and video

When it comes to developing your commercial message, there may be a lot to consider. Spending time working and re-working any promotional idea will help to develop the idea to its fullest, making the idea more targeted, as well as appearing clearer and stronger. This should then be more engaging for a wider range of people.

The best way to understand if any idea will work in a promotional sense is to ask the following:

  • Can the idea be written about in two or more ways?
  • Can the idea be portrayed as several different images?
  • Can the idea be portrayed in video form that people will recognise?

These are the questions that a marketing company may be able to help answer, as well as bring any good ideas to life.

For the results dentists are looking

Any dentists looking to enhance their marketing plan by stepping into the world of digital marketing would be advised to seek the help of a specialist company, as marketing dentists can be very different to any other area of business. However, it can also be rewarding by bringing a new source of revenue to a practice.