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Super Bowl Party Ideas

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party for family and friends, ensure every aspect of the gathering suits the spirit of the occasion. Even if you’re short on time or money, you can design an event that allows guests to enjoy memorable refreshments, themed decorations and activities that enable them to reveal their knowledge and love of the game.


Offer your guests a selection of snacks that fit the game theme. Bake or order a selection of team cheerleader cookies Atlanta in the shape of footballs or frosted in team colors, for example. Spread guacamole in a shallow baking dish and use sour cream as yard markings to resemble a stadium field. Design a mini concessions stand to hand out munchies like popcorn, peanuts and candy.


Keep your guests engaged with competitions that follow the athletic motif. Super Bowl party activities can include bingo that has guests racing to fill in squares such as “touchdown,” “penalty” or “first down” as they happen in the game or a word scramble using sports-related words. You can also play quick contests like a foam ball toss, hot potato with a football or charades using team names. Offer prizes such as jerseys, snack baskets or reusable water bottles.


Ensure your party space sets the tone for the event with decorations in green to match the turf or in the colors of the two rival teams. Present snacks in football helmets doubling as bowls, use black-and-white straws in the drinks to resemble referee shirts, adorn tables with green cloths that look like the field and place pom poms around the room that guests can use to cheer for their side.

Even if your team doesn’t win the game, you’ll still score a touchdown with these creative ideas for your football bash. Your guests will go home with some great prizes and even better memories.