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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory and Feel Younger

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory and Feel Younger

Misplaced car keys. Missing shopping lists. The name of the lady you met yesterday. When you can’t remember something, it’s easy to chalk it up to old age. Reports show as many as two-thirds of people age 50 and older notice greater difficulty remembering names, appointments, and other details. So is there a way to hold onto to your sanity, stay organized, and preserve your memory as you age?

Here are three easy ways to keep your memory sharp:

Get Organized. It will be easier to remember where you place items if you have a system that works. Put the important personal belongings that you use every day in the same place (keys, wallet/purse, glasses). Keep only one calendar for appointments. Have all your contacts in one place, either electronically or written in one notebook.

Engage in Conversation. When you are talking with someone, look the person in the eye and listen carefully. If you are learning a name, repeat the name back to him/her and ask him/her to spell it if it is a difficult name. Use the name again in conversation and create a visual picture in your mind to connect this new face with the name. Give the person your undivided attention and restate what was said to ensure comprehension. Jot down a few notes afterwards if there were a few details you needed to remember from the conversation.

Keep Learning. When you stay mentally active, you greatly increase the odds of retaining good brain function as you age. Take a college course about a topic of interest. Pick up an instrument or new hobby. Do Sudoku or crossword puzzles. Learn a new fact each day from a trivia book, or a new word each day from the dictionary. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Use it or lose it!” Keep exercising your memory to keep your brain young.