Evolution Grooves was formed by Chara (NERVOUS) and Andy (MR’Q') in 2008. They first met in a record shop around 20 years ago and with an equal love of music quickly realized they had the same idea of what good music was and what it meant to them. Spending a fortune on vinyl, they have amassed a record collection that would be the envy of most.

Mr.Q & Nervous both grew up listening to the likes of Paul Anderson, Forge & Peterson, among others. While they started off DJing at various venues, the Djing faded when the popularity of R’n'B hit the scene. They found themselves constantly complaining about how bad music had become and began plotting their comeback. Their love of playing music was rekindled when Nervous met Russell (Ruskie) who invited them to play at one of their Soul Motive venues. From then on all efforts have been working towards making Evolution Grooves a success on the music front– Playing-out, producing, and future clothing label are all underway. One of our main aims is to get the minds of music lovers back onto REAL music again.

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