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Types of Medical Digital Imaging Exams

Medical digital imaging is used to scan your organs, bones, joints and soft tissues. Your doctor uses the results of the scan to determine an illness or injury. Here are several types of digital imaging exams used to determine a medical condition.

16 Slice CT Scan

A 16 slice CT scan features a large tube known as a gantry, and the gantry rotates as your body moves through it on a table. It is designed to take images of the area at different angles to give your doctor an accurate reading. You may need a 16 slice CT scan for your abdomen, spleen or urinary tract.

Digital X-Ray

You are going to stand near a cassette holder or lie on a cushioned table for a digital X-ray. The technician asks you to hold still as the equipment takes an image of your abdomen, joints, bones or soft tissues. A digital X-ray only uses a low dose of radiation, and the procedure is over in about 10 to 30 minutes.

High Resolution Ultrasound

A high resolution ultrasound uses a transducer to send inaudible sound waves through your body. The sound waves capture high-quality images of the organ or soft tissue. Your technician uses a special gel to make it easier to glide the transducer across your skin. The ultrasound is used to check for a condition in the liver, bladder or thyroid.

3T High-Field MRI

A 3T high-field MRI offers a wide bore to scan different body types. The wide tunnel is also designed to bring you emotional and physical comfort during the procedure. You may need an MRI to detect an issue in the brain, spine or chest. The procedure offers a short scan time of about 15 minutes.

Open MRI

The open MRI scan is a good choice if you suffer from claustrophobia. It features an open design to give you a peace of mind during the exam, and the machine can scan a variety of body types. Your doctor may order an open MRI to scan your neck, abdomen or back.

You can rest assured that a medical digital imaging exam is painless and uses little to no radiation.…

What Are Nootropics? The Types, Uses, Effectiveness and Side Effects of this Supplement in Our Body

What are Nootropics? It is a brain-boosting supplement that helps enhance our brain capabilities and health as well as improve the cognitive performance of our brain. It improves our brain’s memory, focus, motivation, mood, stress resistance, attention, alertness, relaxation and many more. Our brain is the most complex organ in our body, and the drugs that we take to help improve it should also be complex.

The meaning of Nootropics

According to Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, the leading expert and pioneer of Nootropic studies and development, it comes from the Greek word “Nous” meaning mind and “trepein” meaning to turn or bend. It means mind-bending or turning. These are drugs that enhance the cognitive function of our brain. To get a better picture of this drug, we will discuss the history and the origin of this definition. Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the pioneer of Nootropic studies, is the first person to describe and gives a criterion on how a drug is considered Nootropic. The rules include:

Memory and learning enhancement

Should improve the cognitive function of the brain under stressful environment

Can protect the brain cells or Neuroprotective

Can facilitate the communication between the cells in our body. With this definition, only a handful of pharmaceutical drugs can be called Nootropics. But due to the advancement of neurological studies, the description made by Dr. Giurgea in 1960 changed dramatically.

The modern definition

In today’s world, any drug that helps our brain to improve its cognitive function can be considered a nootropic drug. According to Nootropics Revealed site, there are over 80 drugs today, including supplements that can be viewed as a Nootropic. As the number of supplements continued to rise, the appreciation for the brain supplement’s ability to enhance our brain’s function has been gaining steam all over the world.

What are the benefits it gives?

Because of the rapid growth of supplement users, the benefits associated with these drugs are also growing, as well as the prices for acquiring the supplements. Enhanced benefits include:

Memory – The traditional memory supplements have evolved into a more effective enhancer of storage, memory, recall, knowledge retention and learning function of our brain.

Attention – Nootropics can enhance the aspect of focus, attention, and concentration of the user to give them added advantage in productivity.

Learning – Students will have a huge advantage when using the supplement because it will enhance the cognitive learning process such as storage, recall and memory formation.

Mood – Brain supplements like Nootropics can help the user to relax, can give confidence, sociability, happiness, anxiety and can maximize the cognitive function of our brain.

Creativity – The supplement can give the user a free-flowing thought and artistic flow, as well as quiet contemplation.

Physical – Given that the supplement is in the brain, the drug is also available as sports nutrition due to its ability for motivation improvement, promotes focus and can give the user the energy to intensify training.

Stress Resistance – Nootropic supplements have some recorded testimonials from users stating that it has anti-stress capabilities.

(To learn more about the benefits of this drug, visit:

How do the drug works?

Typically, brain supplements such as Nootropics are designed to target all of the brain pathways:

Brain Chemicals – The neurotransmitters promote the communication between neurons, regulating the memory and cognitive functions of our body. It can contribute to a fully optimized neurotransmitter status by sharpening receptor sensitivity, brain, and chemical breakdown inhibition and increase in neurotransmitter production.

Energy in the brain – Our brain uses 20% of our total body energy, making it the most energy demanding organ in our body. It can support our body’s energy metabolism by increasing mitochondrial efficiency and delivering the raw fuel materials used by our body.

Brain Wave – There are five known brain waves in our body according to The Royal Society. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Theta. All five corresponds to our mental state. Some supplements increase the frequency to help stimulate the cognitive effect of our brain.

Brain Cell Regeneration – We all know that brain cells don’t regenerate, but recent studies suggest that they have the potential to succeed in supplying nutrients that are essential in neurogenesis.

Protection – The supplement can help our brain cell produce more antioxidant and help our body defend itself from free radicals.

Blood flow to the brain – The increase in nitric oxide level, as well as the optimization of blood vessel integrity bought about by Nootropics, can help our body cope up with injury, cerebral circulation impairment, and age by providing steady blood flow to our brain.

Different kinds of Nootropics

Most of the supplements we find in the market today are either natural or extracted from the source. It comes in various forms:


The Benefits of Psychiatric Research

Psychiatric research has come a long way since its creation, allowing psychiatrists to dive deep into the body and mind when assisting patients. Psychiatry is the study of emotional, behavior, and mental problems in patients with a wide background range. Diagnosis, treating, and preventing the onset of mental illness or issues are also significant in the field of psychiatry.

Today, psychiatric research provides a number of benefits to the psychiatry industry, including new medications and studies surrounding specific medication classes. Some of the most popular psychiatric medication classes include antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, sedatives, and stimulants depending on a patient’s diagnosis. Understanding the benefits of psychiatric research is a way to take advantage of all the field has to offer.

New Clinical Trials

Researching psychiatric therapy and new medications is a way to launch clinical trials for those struggling with mental or emotional issues. More research allows for more clinical trial funding, which has the ability to potentially help and treat millions of patients.

Treatment Evolution

Research in psychiatry is necessary in order to discover and test new methods of treating behavioral, emotional, and mental issues. Without the ability to study responses to new treatment methods, it becomes increasingly difficult to find solutions or proper medication for the discovered problems.

Better Medication

Testing medications and developing new solutions for mental, behavior, and emotional issues results in better preventative care and treatment altogether. Research allows medical professionals to learn more about the specific outcome of utilizing various medications to treat patients of all ages. Medica professionals studying psychiatry are well-versed in prescribing medication and understand how to approach a wide range of emotional and behavioral episodes. Researching side effects of medications as well as long-term outcomes of a drug or treatment method with psychiatric qualifications is key to a positive future in the field.

Understanding the benefits that psychiatric research provides useful insight into the world of patients who struggle with mental and emotional issues. Research has offered the world a glimpse into the life of patients suffering from mental illness or psychiatric episodes, allowing us to further our growth in the medical field.…

Looking Inside The Knee

Sometimes, there could be an issue pertaining to you knee that causes it to swell or that causes severe pain. One way that your doctor can determine what is wrong is by scheduling a knee MRI in Queens. This is a scan that takes detailed images of your body, such as your knee and other joints as well as the blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. It’s not an intrusive procedure, which means that there is little to no pain involved. The only time that you might experience pain with this type of MRI is when you bend your knee in a manner that is instructed in order for the scan to be completed properly.

An MRI will allow your doctor to see the ligaments, cartilage and other details of the knee to determine if something is torn or if there are fractures or infections present. The scan can also reveal if there are any tumors in the knee or other areas of the body that might impact the knee itself. Depending on the results of the scan, your doctor might order surgery to treat the issue or other types of treatment that are less invasive.

It’s best to wear clothing that fits loosely on the body so that you can easily move your knee around if the technician asks you to do so while on the table. The lower part of your body will be scanned instead of the top half of your body, so you will usually be facing the technician. This can help with any kind of anxiety that you might have since your head won’t be inside the MRI machine if it’s not an open setup. You will be alone in the room unless the technician comes in to give you directions on how to move and what to do before the scan is over. Most results are available within a few hours or a few days.…

Addiction of alcohol is devastative and it must be cured as soon as possible

Substance abuse disarranges and mental diseases regularly go as an inseparable unit. Along these lines, one can’t get his or her depression or uneasiness treated until the Addiction to medications or Alcohol has been addressed. Truth be told, both these scatters feed on each, wreaking destruction on a person’s prosperity.

In any case, because of absence of mindfulness, numerous individuals experiencing such double condition are not getting the correct sort of treatments. While 50 percent of general mental patients likewise experience the ill effects of a Substance utilize clutter, just 7.4 percent of people Receive treatment for both the conditions, said a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Decisively, around 37 percent of Alcoholics and 53 percent of medication Abusers confront a high danger of building up a Mental disease at any given point, said the report.

An inclination to self-Medicate state of mind issue, for example, depression, bipolar confusion or uneasiness, is the main thrust behind a man’s Addiction to medications or Alcohol. Also, a tenacious medication Abuse or reliance can prompt manifestations of Mental Health issues. But, both these conditions additionally share certain regular triggers, for example, family history of double conclusion, stress levels, past Traumatic encounters, level of presentation to drugs and so forth.

Quick increase in double conclusion cases

Studies have demonstrated that in the United States, Hispanics are more powerless to both Alcohol and medication Abuse than other ethnic Groups. Moreover, Hispanics likewise confront higher chances of falling Prey to depression and an Additional Substance utilizes Problem. However, the reasons for such incongruities are very far from being obviously true, the fact of the matter is no single ethnic Group in America is resistant to the perils of double conclusion.

Research demonstrates by Orange County alcohol rehabilitation treatment that men are fundamentally more powerless against experience the ill effects of double conclusion than women are are. Different areas of the public, which confront a strikingly high hazard incorporate people from, bring down social and monetary Groups, veterans from the military and those with more broad Medical ailments.

As indicated by Mental Health specialists, qualities and other inherited variables may put people at the danger of Addiction and Mental Health-related Problems, with a greater plausibility of a cover between such hereditary elements. These covering factors show that a few people will probably build up various scatters than others.

Essentially, if there is any impairment in a person’s reward and stress capacities, which are unequivocally connected to Addiction, it could likewise render them defenseless against existing together conditions. It has been discovered that those anguish from schizophrenia and the individuals who are Addicted to drugs have disabled reward pathways with a high concentration of dopamine movement. Individuals rely upon medications to pick up happiness, without Realizing that their Substance Abuse can trigger inert mental diseases, aggravating them after some time.

Double analysis is treatable

Double analysis can be treated with a specific treatment provided to address both the mental issue and the Substance utilizes clutter in the meantime. Substance-actuated Mental Health issue can be prevented if one maintains a strategic distance from Addictive Substances. Emotional well-being issues may appear to be treatable before all else however can wind up extreme with the progression of time. It is vital to screen patients for potential intellectual impairment and Provide coordinated treatment that takes into account both the clutters.…

How Can I Take My Yoga Practice To The Next Level?

At some point in time, many people stumble across yoga and maintain a strong practice after realizing that they’re able to attain a wide range of incredible benefits. The benefits can include anything from weight loss to heightened self-awareness to the development of authentic, loving interactions with others. Many individuals find that they enjoy the process of making progress with their practice and want to take it to the next level. Yet they reach plateaus and find themselves getting stuck. If this is your dilemma, don’t worry. Instead, start implementing some or all of the following strategies so you can take your yoga practice to the next level:

1. Put The Self-Inquiry Process First.

One of the best ways to take your yoga practice to the next level is by placing primacy on the self-inquiry process. This approach is important because once you realize who you are, you’ll be able to figure out how to practice more effectively. For example, if your self-inquiry process helps you realize that you’re not an image-based person, practicing in a commercialized yoga studio will likely not be ideal for you. In fact, completing your asanas in a studio that puts wearing perfect workout clothes over and above mastering postures or drawing more awareness to the breath and heartbeat can detract from your progress with your practice. Because there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to practice, knowing who you are and what constitutes an authentic, progressive yoga practice in your mind is imperative if you’re seeking real growth.

2. Eat Optimally.

In addition to putting the self-inquiry process first, make sure that you start eating optimally. Doing so will ensure that you maintain mental clarity and physical stamina while you are completing your asanas. In many cases, people have the will and desire to grow their practice yet can’t attain the level of strength and cardiovascular endurance necessary to see results because they eat fried foods, candy bars, ice cream, and other processed items that detract from energy levels while engendering brain fog. Yet by eating a diet rich in fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, you can see astounding results in terms of things like your ability to concentrate on your asanas and breath easily through each one of them.

3. Go Through A Teacher Training.

Another strategy you can implement to deepen your yoga practice is going through a teacher training. Taking this step will help you remain immersed in an environment where you can learn more about things like the history and origins of yoga as well as the wide range of unique asanas that can be completed to generate psychosomatic growth. In many cases, people find that becoming a yoga teacher is the key to deepening their practice because in addition to completing the asanas regularly, they are able to carefully observe other people do it. This can engender more knowledge about how to complete asanas more effectively and gracefully.

4. Acknowledge And End All Addictions.

One final technique that you can utilize to take your yoga practice further is acknowledging and ending all addictions. At some point in life, almost everyone will find themselves addicted to a substance, person, object or activity that detracts from their mental and physical health. In addition to compromising health, addictions preclude individuals from progressing their yoga practice by hampering bodily movements, precipitating a wide range of distractions, and lowering energy levels.

Luckily, there are several strategies that individuals can implement to overcome addictions. The first is acknowledging the reality of addiction. Unfortunately, many people find themselves lying to themselves about the reality of their addiction. Doing so keeps the addiction alive by precluding the individual from consciously recognizing the role that things like substance abuse play in precluding them from leading a holistically healthy life. If you’re currently addicted to a substance like alcohol, it’s important to remember that you can attain professional treatment services in an inpatient alcohol rehab facility. Also make sure you read up on key topics like Alcohol Addiction Statistics to ensure that you become knowledgeable about alcoholism and some of the issues that may become pertinent to you as you move through the stages of recovery.


If you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level, don’t procrastinate. Instead, begin implementing the techniques outlined in this quick reference guide so that your practice becomes an increasingly authentic, organic, innovative thing that positively contributes to your quality of life and mode of interfacing with the outside world.…

Making Health Happen In 2018: Strategies For Success

At some point in life, many people realize that a lack of health is seriously detracting from their ability to get things done in the personal and professional sectors. Additionally, poor health can compromise self-esteem by detracting from the individual’s physical appearance. Yet another issue that can arise from poor health is increased susceptibility to unwanted illnesses. In recognizing these realities, many people have grown interested in figuring out which techniques they need to implement for the purpose of making great health happen in 2018. Below are three techniques that you can use to make wellness a real, permanent component of your daily life in 2018:

1. Stop Being Sedentary And Start Exercising.

If you’re serious about making health happen in 2018, know that you need to stop being sedentary and start exercising soon. This technique will be beneficial in many ways. First, exercise helps fight the onset of degenerative diseases by boosting immunity. Exercising regularly can also improve your physical attractiveness, thereby boosting your mood. Additionally, regular exercise is known to improve posture, enhance metabolism, and optimize skin quality. Tae-bo, cycling, and pilates are just three of multiple exercise modalities you can engage in to start seeing some of these life-altering results soon.

2. Keep Junk Food Out Of Your Life.

In addition to incorporating exercise into your daily life, make sure that you keep junk food out of your life. This technique is important because regular junk food consumption can precipitate weight gain, mood disorders, hampered immunity, and numerous other unwanted outcomes that make you look and feel horrible. As such, you should clean out your kitchen so that you’re not tempted to consume these horrific products. Replace them with healthy snacks that you actually enjoy eating so you won’t feel deprived or unsatisfied with your meals. Some of the healthy snack options you might want to consider include carrot sticks with peanut butter dip.

3. Obtain Sound Medical Care.

One final technique that you should deploy to make health a permanent, integral component of your life is obtaining sound medical care. Although it’s ideal to stay out of the hospital altogether, most people will typically experience at least one medical emergency or serious illness which requires professional intervention. Moreover, even people who never become ill will be in need of annual check-ups and preventive care. This is why finding the right physician is immensely important. If you’re looking for a top notch foot doctor Altamonte Springs FL residents can rely on to offer effective care, know that Dr. McNamara can assist you.


Exercising, eliminating junk food from your life, and obtaining sound medical care are three techniques you can deploy to get healthy. Start making changes now so you can begin to cultivate the lifestyle of wellness you deserve to have!…

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