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3 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing and Self-Image

When thinking about your sense of well-being and self-image, sometimes, it’s an inside job and other times, there are external changes that can be made to improve your appearance.

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In this article, we explore different ways to feel better about yourself.

Volunteer to Remind Yourself to Be Grateful

Volunteering has a long history of being just as rewarding for the people being given assistance as to the people offering it. It feels good to help others.

In these days of Instagram, it’s too easy to feel inadequate with beautiful people only showing their best side on their IG accounts. By volunteering, we’re reminded that the world is bigger than us and our insecurities. It teaches that being grateful for what you have helps you to feel better about yourself.

Take Steps to Maintain a Positive Self-Image

In some cultures, people tend to not hold back. They blurt out whatever they’re thinking and don’t consider whether your feelings will get hurt. Being around these types of people every day, it’s difficult to feel good about yourself if you’re constantly being criticised.

If you feel like you’re being dragged down emotionally by people you know, it’s time to do something about that. If it’s a work colleague, take them to one side and ask them to keep their opinions to themselves. With family, you may have to be mindful of who the negative ones are and intentionally spend less time with them. With friends, it might be necessary to think about which ones are good for your future life and those that drag you down.

Ultimately, you need people around you who are positive about life. While a little constructive criticism is useful every now and again, unsolicited advice is not. Often, it is just other people feeling lousy and trying to transfer their low mood onto you. Sometimes, it’s necessary to step away from them to stay positive and protect your self-image.

Making a Positive Change to Get a Younger-Looking Face

There’s no getting around the fact that faces age over time. Skin just doesn’t stay as elastic. It sags downwards and wrinkles up. When you’ve had enough of that and make-up isn’t covering it up enough, then it’s time to consider making some permanent changes.

Thinking about getting a facelift Bangkok is one way to go. With many facelifts, it takes off 5-10 years off once the operation has been completed and the face has had time to fully heal. The results don’t stop the aging process over the following years, but it certainly may give you a younger-looking appearance for now.

A balance has to be found for how you see yourself. Some people have a very distorted self-image. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, they don’t feel attractive. Other times, a car accident or birth deformity can benefit from plastic surgery to improve the physical appearance. At the end of the day, though, we’ve still got to be happy within ourselves, which requires self-care to get right.

Make Your Professional Work Known

As a dentist, you have a great deal to offer the professional community. There may very well be procedures and techniques that you use that could be of benefit to other individuals in a similar situation as your own. The field of dentistry is constantly evolving. It is up to professionals such as yourself to further the advancements being made and ensure that members of society reap the benefits. This is why you will want to make your professional work known in publications such as Implant Dentistry Journal Online.

Publishing is Easier Than You Think

At various points in your professional career, you have most likely benefitted from one academic journal or another. This is how you stay current on the trends that are shaping your profession. You have probably learned a thing or two along the way, and perhaps you have even wondered what it would take to get your own work published in such a journal. It is actually easier than you think. If you have something of value to communicate to other dentists around the world, there is a journal ready to publish your work. You will simply want to make sure that your article is factual, that is has been reviewed by your peers, and that you follow the formatting guidelines set forth by the journal that you submit the work to.

Publishing Online Opens Your Work Up To the World

There are many parts of the world that are still largely cut off from the academic community at large. Dentists in these areas are doing the best that they can for their patients, but they lack the access to professional seminars and gatherings that you do. Because of this, they depend a lot on the information and work that is published in academic journals. With access to such work becoming available online, it is easier than ever for dentists around the world to benefit from your work by reading about it in a journal that has been recently published.

Allow others to benefit from your knowledge by publishing in an academic journal. At the same time, contribute to the work and legacy of others by becoming a regular reader of such a journal as well. You will learn something new, while others readers will benefit from your knowledge as well.…

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

You can improve the look of your teeth with dental implants. These procedures are gaining in popularity. Dental implants can help in many ways. You can have a better smile with implants. Here are a few ways to keep your new implants looking fresh and clean.

Remember to Floss and Brush Your Teeth

Your oral hygiene is very important. Flossing and brushing can help keep your mouth healthy. Plaque and tartar can build up under your gums. That can cause problems for your teeth. Regular dental care can remove these harmful bacteria and germs from your mouth.

Antibacterial Mouthwash Can Help

Mouthwash can help to fight plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Brushing is important, but it cannot remove all germs. An antibacterial mouthwash can help you treat areas that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Regular Cleanings at the Dentist

It is important not to skip your regular dental visits. A professional cleaning is so much more than just brushing your teeth. This is a chance for your dental professional to check on the state of your teeth. Regular cleanings can spot problems before they become a bigger issue. The dental hygienist or dentist will examine your teeth for cavities or plaque buildup. This is the perfect time to make sure your teeth are in perfect shape.

Use a Straw to Protect Enamel

Coffee and tea may be delicious, but they can stain your teeth. If you are looking for whiter teeth, you may want to avoid these drinks. If you still want to enjoy your morning coffee, you should consider using a straw. It can help to keep those stains off the enamel of the teeth.

These simple steps can help you to keep your teeth healthy and clean. If you need to get teeth implants Chicago, you can find a dentist in your area. A dentist can perform implants, cleanings, teeth whitening, and other dental procedures too. You should schedule an appointment at your local office.…

What are the Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant that has been found throughout the world since its properties were discovered by the Assyrians. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, provides both psychoactive and pain-killing properties that are desirable by both medical and recreational users. Understanding the benefits that medical cannabis has to offer is essential whether you are pro-marijuana or simply interested in changing the way we view and utilize modern medicine.


One of the most appealing aspects of cannabis is the variety of strains available on the market. Not all cannabis plants are extremely potent or cause users to feel incapacitated or “stoned”. In fact, many medical marijuana strains are developed to alleviate inflammation, pain, and even anxiety while allowing you to remain focused on your everyday tasks. Indica strains are designed for a more restful sleep and experience, while Sativa strains promote creativity and alertness. Additionally, there are hybrids which include both Indica and Sativa properties if you are in need of both properties to treat your ailments or illness.

Eliminate Physical Addiction

While it is possible to develop a psychological addiction to medical marijuana, cannabis does not cause long-term physical addictions or the risk of overdose. With the spike in opioid abuse and deaths, cannabis is a safe alternative that provides pain relief and eliminates anxiety along with inflammation with the right strain.


Medical cannabis is notoriously used by cancer patients to help alleviate nausea and vomiting. Whether you are struggling with cancer or another debilitating illness that causes immense nausea, most strains of marijuana are optimal for immediate relief. Cannabis also includes properties that aid in the elimination of pain and inflammation throughout the body, reducing the risk of using opioids or other prescription medications that are known for their addictive properties and have lead to overdoses.

Dispensaries provide patients with valuable insight and knowledge necessary to choose a strain of marijuana that works to alleviate your symptoms individually. If you have made the decision to obtain a medical card for marijuana, consider visiting a chicago medicinal marijuana dispensary to learn more about which solutions are right for you.…

Water Purifiers & Water Filters – Enjoy pure & germ-free water for healthy consumption

You have got a plant in your house and you intend to keep it exposed to natural light as well as water regularly so that it blooms every single day. Imagine a scenario where one day you accidentally spray impure or contaminated water on it; there is a high possibility that it might die a slow death. For years we have taken the natural resources like water, light, etc. for granted without knowing that one day some of these resources might become scarce or contaminated and might not remain healthy for direct consumption. Ecological degradation and poor resource management have resulted in contamination of many natural water resources.

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Water-borne diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, etc. are at an all-time high since groundwater has become highly impure with the presence of sewage, acidification, harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Arsenic, Lead, etc. Kids do not have a mature immune system and hence they are more prone to these diseases. This is where water purifier or water filter plays a major role in the removal of harmful substances present in the water, thereby making it safe for consumption. Water Filters use the method of physical filtration in order to remove larger impurities present in the water and chemical filtration to remove the chemicals present in the water.

Though water purifiers and water filters work on the same underlying principle, there is one glaring functionality difference between the two of them. Water purifiers can remove viruses and bacteria that water filters are unable to remove. Many homeowners are now opting for water purifier for home purpose. A water filter is more economical as compared to water purifier which in turn is more economical than RO water purifier or water purifier RO. RO water purifier uses the Reverse Osmosis purification technology to remove large particles, molecules, ions from the water. It makes use of a semi permeable membrane to achieve these results. RO water purifier can successfully remove bacteria and other harmful germs from the water. Based on your budget and overall requirements, you should either choose a water filter/water purifier/RO water purifier for your home.

Since consumption of ‘not so pure’ water has health implications, you should choose an appropriate water purification product from a well-known brand. LivPure is an undisputed leader when it comes to water purification products and has a wide range of water purifiers and water filters for the different segment of customers. LivPure is the first company to come up with a Bluetooth (BT) enabled RO purifier called ‘LivPure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier’ that has an 8-stage advanced filtration system. Along with harmful bacteria, it also removes virus, Chlorine, Magnesium and other disease-causing chemicals. You can check the RO price on their website and also purchase the water purifier online. The company provides round the clock customer support, via phone, email, as well as the app.

With Water purifiers, water filters, and RO purifiers at your pursuit, safe drinking water is still available for consumption to the urban, as well as rural Indians.…

Practices to Develop During Flu Season

As the weather gets cooler, it’s clear that the seasons are changing. As the seasons transition, people brace themselves for the flu. So many people stand in line for flu shots because they desire to steer clear of the slight chance they’d get a cold. However, there are plenty of additional strategies you can use in order to build up your immune system and avoid the cold. Consider these five practices to get started.

1. Rest

In order to keep yourself happy and healthy, it’s so essential to get your rest. Too often, people cheat themselves out of optimal health because they stay up until the wee hours of the morning. Ideally, it’s best to get to bed by 10 pm. The more rest you can receive between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am, the better off you’ll be in the long run. If you’re naturally a night owl, find ways to change that. Develop a bedtime routine. Stop using your electronics an hour before bed. Take a relaxing bath to help you fall asleep. If need be, take a sleep supplement to help you doze off earlier. Your body will really appreciate the increase in sleep.

2. Decrease sugar intake.

Sugar is really detrimental to the body. It breaks down the immune system and makes it easier for you to catch a cold. Try not to eat more than 25 grams of sugar each day. If you have an intense sweet tooth, try natural options first. Don’t try the cold turkey method. Instead, use agave nectar in your tea instead of sugar cubes. Then, transition the amount of agave nectar you use in your tea. Over a period of time, your taste buds will change. As a result, you won’t desire sugar as much and your body will feel a lot healthier.

3. Exercise

Find ways to get moving every day. Since it might be too cold to jog outside, head to the gym and enjoy the classes. Find workouts that you enjoy, and stick with them. You can also work out at home. Find a few good YouTube fitness channels, and commit to a workout every day. If you complete your workout in the morning, you’ll be able to check it off your list and move on with the rest of your day. Exercise helps your body maintain strength, manage weight and clear your mind.

4. Keep areas clean and sanitized.

When you allow germs to collect and fester, you’ll create an environment that a cold can easily manifest. Instead, open the windows for fifteen minutes each day. This will allow the fresh air to circulate in the room. Use essential oils in a diffuser to clean the air. Use hand sanitizer when you’re out and about. Use disinfectant spray on every surface. Keep your phone clean, and always wash your hands. As you develop sanitary practices, you’ll be able to decrease the chances of germs spreading and thriving.

5. Increase intake of superfoods.

Your nutrition plays a major role in your overall health. If you’re intentional about consuming healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, you’ll be able to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your body’s health. Drink a green smoothie each morning. Add lots of green, leafy vegetables and fruits to the mix. Purchase a superfood powder for your smoothies. You can add a scoop of turmeric or beetroot powder for a powerful effect. You can visit Health365 for superfoods. Always drink tons of water to flush out your system. It’s also wise to make sure you’re consuming fruits and vegetables with every single meal.

As you develop these habits, you’ll find that they can serve you well throughout your life because it’s always beneficial to maintain a strong immune system. Plus, when you’re walking around in good health, this completely changes your experience. There’s nothing like having a terrible cold in order for you to appreciate the times when you’re doing well.…

The Importance of Shifting Your Mindset When You Want To Lose Weight

In your quest to lose weight and get healthy, you’re likely to devote a majority of your focus to common tasks like changing your diet and adding exercise to your daily routine. While that’s great, you also need to alter how you think about food, yourself and your weight loss goals. Know that losing weight and successfully keeping it off is just as mental as it is physical, maybe even more so. So how do you do that?

Change How You View Food and Exercise

Instead of looking at food as a type of reward for the punishing endeavor of exercising, look at them both as tools for bringing out the best in your body. Once you start to regularly engage in exercise, you’re sure to notice how much better your mood becomes as you start to improve your health, which is a great form of self-care.

Retool Your Goals

Instead of making losing a specific number of pounds your goal, change things up. Instead, make eating a specific number of servings of vegetables and fruits one of your daily goals. Try exercising for an extra 10 minutes a goal rather than losing an extra pound. Know that ThinCo sells nautral weight loss tablets that you can take to supplement your goals as well as your new mental and physical lifestyle. By making this mental shift and including health supplements, losing weight becomes a result of your goals rather than the goal itself.

Think Long Term Rather Than Short Term

Rather than feel you need to lose a specific number of pounds in the coming weeks or months, you’re better off setting long-term goals so you don’t have to deal with the stress of being pressed for time. That stress can actually jeopardize your weight-loss goals and make your mission that much harder. Give yourself a long-term goal, such as losing weight and keeping it off to avoid the diabetes that runs in your family, or maybe you’d like to climb a flight of stairs without running out of breath. If you only want to lose weight for an upcoming class reunion or special event, you may gain it right back once the event has passed.

Spend Time With the Right People

Another step to take is to surround yourself with people who are positive and will uplift you during your transformation rather than pull you down with their negativity. You may be reluctant to cut ties with some of your friends and family if they only have negative things to say, but you have to do so for the good of your physical and mental health. Additionally, don’t be afraid to be honest with people if they ask why you don’t spend as much time with them anymore; they may not even realize that they, too, need to change their mindset.

Connect With Your Body

Rather than look at your body as something to change the appearance of, learn to truly connect with it. This can be as simple as stopping to close your eyes and breathe before each workout. By taking time to connect with your body, you allow yourself to truly align with your intentions of improving your health and noticing your muscles, blood flow, heartbeat, breath and how they’re all connected. Forging a deeper connection can also lead to a deeper appreciation of what the human body is capable of when you give it what it truly needs.

Be Kind to Yourself

Pushing yourself to eat better and do your best during your workouts is great, but you’ve got to be sure you don’t go overboard. Identify unkind thoughts and doubts you have about yourself and challenge them. Verbally say “stop” when such thoughts bubble up, which acts as a powerful trigger. Think of what you would tell a close friend who was having these thoughts and apply that message to yourself.

Developing a new and healthy mindset is a powerful tool when it comes to changing your life. See how these tips work for you as you focus on losing weight, and see if they can help with similar goals in your life.

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