Date: November 12, 2018

The Most Popular Medical Procedures Patients are Travelling to Thailand For

The words “medical tourism” have really shot into the forefront as of late as more and more people look at exploring various medical procedures outside their own home country. Medical tourism allows patients access to procedures they may not have access to a home, it can offer cost savings, privacy, and provide them with care from experienced doctors in the field.

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As far as medical tourism in Asia goes, Thailand is leading the way. In fact, it’s not just leading the pack in Asia – it is among the top spots for medical tourism in the entire world. It started to make a mark for itself in the early 2000s and the trend has only continued. If you’ve been curious as to the procedures offered in Thailand, the list is too long to mention. Instead, here’s a look at the most popular medical procedures patients are travelling to Thailand for.

Cataract Surgery

With an aging population in many nations, there are some common medical issues that are starting to pop up and one of those is cataracts. Cataracts can leave your vision blurred and can make it hard for you to see things sharply. Over time, it only gets worse, and it can cause more and more problems as you try to go about your daily life. While it’s relatively normal and happens as you age, the great news is that it can be reversed.

One effective treatment option is to have the cloudy lens removed and then replaced with an artificial lens that will restore clear and sharp vision. Cataract surgery Bangkok is available through a number of clinics such as the Vejthani Hospital.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatments are another big industry in Thailand. Not only does it have experienced medical personnel and facilities, but the prices are much lower than the majority of developed countries. Some of the most common infertility treatments include IUI, ICSI, PGD, and IVF. For those couples who are having trouble conceiving and don’t have all kinds of extra cash, Thailand’s offerings can prove to be life-changing.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

One of the most popular treatments and one that started the whole medical tourism trend is cosmetic surgery. Not only is there a wide array of procedures available, but the staff are highly-qualified and trained. It also comes down to cost, as the price is a fraction of what a patient would pay in Europe or the US.

Make Sure You Still Do Your Research

Now before you look into booking any sort of medical treatment in Thailand, it is important you do your research. Take a look at the doctor/surgeon and their qualifications and training, get details on the actual medical facility, how long has it been in business, what is its record of success, what about cost, etc. You want to be sure you know everything possible about the procedure and the facility, so you can make an educated decision.

As medical tourism continues to rise in Thailand, look for the number of procedures to continue to grow.

3 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing and Self-Image

When thinking about your sense of well-being and self-image, sometimes, it’s an inside job and other times, there are external changes that can be made to improve your appearance.

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In this article, we explore different ways to feel better about yourself.

Volunteer to Remind Yourself to Be Grateful

Volunteering has a long history of being just as rewarding for the people being given assistance as to the people offering it. It feels good to help others.

In these days of Instagram, it’s too easy to feel inadequate with beautiful people only showing their best side on their IG accounts. By volunteering, we’re reminded that the world is bigger than us and our insecurities. It teaches that being grateful for what you have helps you to feel better about yourself.

Take Steps to Maintain a Positive Self-Image

In some cultures, people tend to not hold back. They blurt out whatever they’re thinking and don’t consider whether your feelings will get hurt. Being around these types of people every day, it’s difficult to feel good about yourself if you’re constantly being criticised.

If you feel like you’re being dragged down emotionally by people you know, it’s time to do something about that. If it’s a work colleague, take them to one side and ask them to keep their opinions to themselves. With family, you may have to be mindful of who the negative ones are and intentionally spend less time with them. With friends, it might be necessary to think about which ones are good for your future life and those that drag you down.

Ultimately, you need people around you who are positive about life. While a little constructive criticism is useful every now and again, unsolicited advice is not. Often, it is just other people feeling lousy and trying to transfer their low mood onto you. Sometimes, it’s necessary to step away from them to stay positive and protect your self-image.

Making a Positive Change to Get a Younger-Looking Face

There’s no getting around the fact that faces age over time. Skin just doesn’t stay as elastic. It sags downwards and wrinkles up. When you’ve had enough of that and make-up isn’t covering it up enough, then it’s time to consider making some permanent changes.

Thinking about getting a facelift Bangkok is one way to go. With many facelifts, it takes off 5-10 years off once the operation has been completed and the face has had time to fully heal. The results don’t stop the aging process over the following years, but it certainly may give you a younger-looking appearance for now.

A balance has to be found for how you see yourself. Some people have a very distorted self-image. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, they don’t feel attractive. Other times, a car accident or birth deformity can benefit from plastic surgery to improve the physical appearance. At the end of the day, though, we’ve still got to be happy within ourselves, which requires self-care to get right.…

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